5 Resume-Worthy Skills you’ll get When Working Abroad

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5 Resume-Worthy Skills you’ll get When Working Abroad

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Working abroad can be a fun and rewarding experience. You will get paid while still being able to explore the landscape and culture around you. But working abroad has more rewards than just extra money. By working abroad, you will be setting yourself up for success in the future. Here are 5 skills you will gain when working abroad that will set you apart in future job hunts.  


1.       Adaptability

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The cornerstone of working abroad is adaptability. When you travel, you will have to adapt to a completely different lifestyle. Adaptability means being willing to change to fit your environment and having the flexibility to meet any challenge head-on. New food, languages, traditions, and work norms, these will all become part of your life, and adapting to them will be the path to success.

                Employers value adaptability in the workforce. If a new project or issue arises, having adaptable employees will mean fast and smooth responses. By showing that you have had an experience that required adaptability, you will have a leg up against other potential applicants.


2.       Organization

Organizational skills start when applying and continue throughout your placement abroad. Making sure you have the correct documents, applying for visas, and having everything set up before you travel, these are all areas that require organization. Of course, IRE will help with the application process. Still, you will gain organizational skills by working with us to ensure you have everything set up before you travel.

Once you arrive, you will still need to flex those organizational muscles. Whether it be through planning exploratory trips on the weekend, meet-ups with nearby trainees, or your work schedule, organizational skills will be instrumental once you are overseas.

                Employers will look for organizational skills in their employees. These skills become very handy when planning your day, making sure everything gets done, and in organizing any events or displays. By showing that you organized yourself into a work abroad experience, you can prove that you have what it takes. I mean, if you can plan and follow through with working abroad in New Zealand, you can plan your day at work, right?


3.       Communication

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Where better to learn communication skills than from working abroad? Most of our destinations do not require learning another language. Still, we always encourage you to learn the basics of the local language. Be it through job instruction, casual communication, or learning to navigate, you will learn how to communicate so that everyone understands.  Not only that, but when accounting for accents and slang words of your destination, your communication skills are definitely going to improve when working abroad.

Having excellent communication skills is essential in the workforce. Employees who can clearly communicate their ideas and are comfortable with workplace discussions are invaluable. Not to mention, you can show off those communication skills in a work interview. Communication is the key to success and challenging yourself to communicate in another country is the perfect way to build those skills.


4.       Creativity

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Studies show that students who study abroad are more creative than those who stay in their home country. This is likely because travelling exposes you to new ideas or ways of doing things. By travelling, you are throwing yourself out of your comfort zone and absorbing new knowledge. This experience will help you think outside of the box in the future, and allow yourself to expand past the cultural box you grew up in.

Having creative skills is essential to the workplace. While it may not be the number one skill on every employer’s list, it will help you stand apart at your workplace.


5.       Reasoning

As I mentioned, travelling is going to expose you to many new ideas and ideologies about the world. You are going to build up your reasoning skills by learning these new ideas and finding how they fit into your personal worldview. Your reasoning skills will be built by considering new ideas, how they work, and if it is something you personally believe in. Every country will be different from Canada in big and small ways. It will be your reasoning skills that navigate your belief systems and how much of that culture you take with you back home.

                Reasoning skills are going to be very important at work. You will need to use reasoning skills every day at your job to determine what is reasonable and what isn’t. By practicing and building your reasoning skills, you are ensuring that your opinion will be valued and that you become a trusted employee.


There are many more skills that you will gain from working abroad, but these are just a few. What do you think? Do you already have these skills? Is learning one or more of these skills part of your goal? Are you working abroad to improve your employment opportunities? Let us know in the comments below!

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