5 Sample Placements in the Netherlands

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5 Sample Placements in the Netherlands

Photo Credit: Hannah Mc

Below are some examples of the placement types offered in the Netherlands. You are required to be studying at a bachelor level or higher in agriculture or horticulture and planning to build a career in your chosen sector. If you are concerned about a language barrier, most hosts speak english.

Can you ride a bicycle for 10km? Sometimes thats the distance between your workplace and accomodation. 

Trainees arrive throughout the year however most placements are available in spring and summer and last 3-6 months. Some trainees will live with their host and experience Dutch family life. This is usually the situation on dairy farms. Other trainees, mostly in horticulture, will live with another host family or independently in an apartment or trailer. In some situations, you will share a separate house with other trainees. All trainees pay the same amount per month for housing while the host/company covers the real costs.

Photo Credit: Food Farmer Earth

1. Organic Mix Farm

This farm is home to 90 milking cows + 40 young stock, 30 cattle, some poultry (April-Nov, chickens on the field, and in summer/fall turkeys) 80 ha grass, different kinds of vegetables grown in small amounts, this goes with the seasons. E.g. lettuce, spinach, beans, potatoes. The farm has a small shop at the farm where they sell their own products.

Photo Credit: Jessica Feyter

2. Dairy Farm

The farm has 145 milking cows, 90 head of young cattle, 75 Ha of grassland, and land rented out for tulips, broccoli etc. and grassland rented in. They have a 2 x 11 herringbone milking parlour, 4 tractors, hay tedder, mower, 2 x grasscollector, feeding car, milk drinking automaat, and concentrate box. Training place available with preference for a trainee who is also open for a family with young children.

Photo Credit: Daily Scandinavian

3. Cut Flowers and Foliage Under Glass (Greenhouse)

Plants include Asparagus Umbellatus, Monsteraleaf, Philodendron Xanadu, Asparagus Cwebe We have a modern greenhouse, built in 2006. Tubeheating, irrigation system with drip lines and sprinkler lines included. The greenhouse contains a modern climate temperature management system and watering system.

Photo Credit: Four Paws 

4. Livestock Sheep

600 sheep (Swifter/Texel)

An open-minded company with a lot of variation in the work. The sheep are grazing on the dikes in the neighbourhood. Training placement is available for any period year round.


5. Bulbgrower & Cutflowers Company

The company grows millions of lilies each year. The boxes with new lilies are placed in the greenhouse by use of a robot. After 11 weeks, it is time to harvest and bundle the flowers according to the wishes of the customer. The bulbs are planted in growing boxes filled with a mixture of coconut; the optimum grow substratum will be re-used. In the climate room, the bulbs can grow and develop roots so the growing period in the greenhouse is shortened. We work via MPS system. Mutiplication of lillies takes place via the scales of the bulbs. The scales are planted outside and after two years tested again to see if they can be planted in spring to become a larger bulb by the end of the year that can be sold or used at Bianca Lelies. 75% of the bulbs are grown in the Netherlands.