5 Travelling Tips from our Alumni

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5 Travelling Tips from our Alumni

After our trainees return from their work experience we ask them what advice they would give future travellers. Below we share some of the great advice we gathered from 5 of our alumni trainees who travelled to different parts of the world. Take a look!

1. “Try to say YES to as much as possible and interesting experiences will come your way.” 

Advice from: Brantley

Travelled to: Australia


2. “Travelling and exploring by yourself can be scary but it is so worth it! Start with small things that you are comfortable with like hiking or visiting a small town by yourself then expand your interests and area you visit from there.”

Advice from: Racheal

Travelled to: Ireland



3. “Making friends with other trainees at your placement is a great way to find a travel buddy!”

Advice from: Marcie

Travelled to: Netherlands




4. “Take part in local pub nights or clubs that allow you to meet other trainees and local people.”

Advice from: Katie

Travelled to: New Zealand


5. "For Australia, the heat is like nothing you felt before. Wear what the locals wear.”

Advice from: Ethan

Travelled to: Australia

Cover Photo Credit: Lindsay, New Zealand