Are you a Global Citizen?

Are you a Global Citizen?

Take a minute to think about the following questions:


  • How would you define global citizenship?


  • What does it mean to you?


  • Is it about being aware of other cultures, or perhaps gaining first-hand work experience?


If it is, our program can help you achieve these goals. Some benefits of becoming a global citizen are improving your problem solving, communication, collaboration, and cross – cultural awareness.


1.     Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Critical thinking and problem solving are important skills as the world continues to grow. International travel provides opportunities for people to observe global problems and come up with solutions.


2.     Community & Collaboration

Social media gives us the opportunity to experience global citizenship. A global citizen can use this type of community as a way to improve the world. Communication is an important life skill. International travel and collaboration with new people help to improve our communication skills, therefore, our ability to work with a diverse range of people improves. This is important for problem solving, understanding each other, and finding solutions.


3.     Technology Skills

We are surrounded by information; it is at our fingertips 24/7. When you travel and see the world first-hand, you can develop your own perspectives, and become an active user of media rather than a passive recipient. When you are skilled at evaluating online information, it promotes self-growth and the development of new ideas.


4.     Adaptability

Any world traveler will learn to be adaptable. While abroad you learn to keep a positive attitude when the going gets tough. There are always challenges, whether it’s getting lost in an unfamiliar place, flight delays, or a language barrier. The ability to adapt is invaluable.


5.     Cross-Cultural Awareness

Communicating with people from other cultures can be challenging, but it is necessary so we can develop tolerance and empathy. Global citizens understand that encountering different languages, customs and values are a part of travelling. This cultural immersion helps the traveller to develop compassion and see beyond cultural barriers.


As you can see, a global citizen should:

  • Learn new languages
  • Live and/or work in different countries and cultures
  • Create personal connections
  • Learn & grow in an interconnected and open world


As a result, a Global Citizen understands our differences which improves our communities locally and abroad.


International Rural Exchange Canada provides an opportunity for meaningful travel where gaining a broader perspective of the world is key, achieving a deeper understanding of the people and their culture through your work experience. Contact us to begin your journey.