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Hosting Program

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While our program aims to provide hosts with a reliable and cost-effective source of employees, it should not be seen as a way to get cheap, interchangeable labour. Each trainee comes with his or her own unique skills and interests. Hosts and trainees both benefit from being open to learn from each other.

Hosts provide ongoing support to trainees, including helping them apply for their SIN and set up a bank account. The hosts provide food and accommodations in-house or off-site.

Placements in our program are paid, with hosts being required to make employment deductions such as CPP, etc. Due to government restrictions, the maximum employment term allowed is 1 year.

Currently, we have a robust host membership representing crop, beef, and mixed farms. We are actively looking to recruit hosts in the following sectors:

Equine | Beef | Horticulture | Dairy |

Organic farming | Pigs | Goats | Greenhouses |

Orchards | Wineries | Bee keeping