Dare you to try a Whitebait Sandwich

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Dare you to try a Whitebait Sandwich

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

Have you ever been to New Zealand? We often send trainees to work with New Zealand farmers and horticulturists. While on a work-abroad trip you might encounter thriving dairy operations, a handful of furry sheep, bright blue waters, and home of The Hobbit. It is such a unique and diverse place to visit. Penguins roam the beaches; glaciers stand proud and volcanoes bubble just off the coast. Traveling the country could lead you to an unusual tourist destination while on the South Island. The west coast, famous for their whitebait fish sandwiches, is awaiting your arrival. Would you dare try this fishy delight? Fried, translucent, whole whitebait fish sits between two pieces of white bread smothered in butter. Not only do they serve this little fish in a sandwich, but they also fry them up in fritters and deep fry them with a side of chips. Sounds delicious?


Some facts about Whitebait fish:


  • 3 of the 4 species are threatened
  • a species has been introduced into rivers for sustainability purposes
  • fishing for them is called white baiting, you walk behind school of fish and guide them into net
  • 100 years ago they were weighed in tons, now they are measured in cups
  • often found near the river’s edge on the coast
  • only found in the southern hemisphere
  • their high season is mid-august to November


New Zealand’s borders are currently closed due to Covid19. We hope to send you abroad soon to gather more experience and explore the country.


Facts come from: blacklabelexperience.com