Is it true that traveling brings out your best self?

Is it true that traveling brings out your best self?

Is it true that traveling brings out your best self?


What is your best self? Your drive and passion for travel is personal, but the benefits of travelling are largely universal. Travel supports mental and physical health.


Take moment to think about your motivation for booking your next trip.  Humans crave new experiences and travel allows us to tap into that craving. The thrill starts as soon as you land.   


Travel is a never-ending learning experience masquerading as an adventure! There is no need to cram facts and details into your memory, you can absorb these at your own pace.


Being our best self while traveling allows us to trust ourselves and our own judgement. Ever haggled in a foreign market or tried navigating the Croatian train system without a map or dictionary? Travel makes us capable of handling road bumps and problem solving quickly. It becomes second nature.


We learn to trust the world, too. Travelling compels us to place our trust in the kindness of strangers. Whether you are exchanging money for goods at a market or jumping on a bus; we still need to rely on the goodness of others. Ordinary situations like asking for directions on the street, or for the location of the best hostel in the city, these interactions require us to be open to trusting others. Strangers become just other humans, or better yet, friends.


Flexibility and adaptability are characteristics we develop while travelling. Flight delays, lost luggage, bus drivers on strike, conquering the clogged streets of a busy city on a moped, and food poisoning are things we may have to meet head-on or struggle with. As a result, we feel accomplished and successful.


Travel creates a social network. The travel community is built on friendships. Friendships get started in common rooms of hostels, by making polite conversion, and learning to ask the important questions. These are skills that will carry through all aspects of life.


An appreciation for home is a result of travelling. When experiencing new things, our first reaction might be to compare it to home. The differences between our culture and the ones we find while travelling helps us realize just how much we take for granted. Simple things like acceptable tipping practices, Mom’s cinnamon buns, or clean, safe drinking water. Travel helps us realize the people in our lives are our most treasured possessions.


Travel opens the door to the world beyond our front doorstop. Are we willing to receive the world’s many lessons and to recognize our shared humanity with others? This can put us on the road to becoming our best selves.