Farmstay Experience

Stay with a farm family and participate in daily activities with a farm family in rural Canada.  Make new friendships, improve your English, and learn about Canadian culture and farming practices. 


Ages: 18 and older


Length of stay:  3-12 weeks


Types of farms:  Crop, beef and crop farms, beef ranches with working horses, organic farms, small farms or market gardens.




o   18 years or older


o   Good physical and mental health


o   Ability to understand English at a basic level


o   Open to new ideas and ways of doing things


o   Honest and free of a criminal record.


*No experience required. You will be part of activities on your host farm, and you will learn and do things along with your host family.  If you have farming experience, that is great too!  You might participate in different types of activities if you have knowledge of machinery and safety practices.


Program Information:


Host Families:  Our host families live across Canada, but most are in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia in western Canada.  Most farm placements are crop farms or crop farms that also raise beef cattle. We also have some organic farms, dairy farms, and cow ranches that use working horses. All families are different – some have young children, some are older couples, some have several generations farming together.  Some families are very involved in sports, such as baseball, hockey and curling.  Other families might have interest in music or art, hunting, or fishing.   Some might be a part of community clubs or churches.  Canadians are friendly, open-minded, and very happy to welcome people from other countries.


Our host families have been screened and we maintain good communication with them. Farmstay participants are involved as an adult member of the host family and learn about Canadian culture and different ways of living. While on the farm, you will experience our wide open spaces & prairie skies or the Rocky Mountains and all the wildlife that comes with it. 


Housing and meals:  You will have a private room in either the family home or a second home on the farmyard.  (If you come with a friend or a partner, you may be sharing a room).  Your food will be provided by the host family.  You might help with cooking sometimes or cook for yourself some meals.  If you go out to special events or for restaurant meals, you would pay those costs yourself.


Arrival times:  All through the year, but the farming season is most active from April to November.


Level of English:  We do not require a specific level of English, but it is important that you can understand and speak English enough that you can follow instructions and be safe on a farm.  It is okay to ask questions or have the host speak more slowly if you don’t understand.  If you have a very low level of English, you may need to go to a language school in a Canadian city before you go to the farm. When we interview you, we will help you decide whether language school would make your experience better.  We do not expect excellent English, but we do need a basic level.




How it works: 


Application Process:  Once we receive your application, we will arrange a video interview with you over a message app such as Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.  The interview will help us get to know you so that we can make a good host match for you.  After the interview, our staff send your profile to possible host farms. Once a host agrees to welcome you to their farm, we will send their farm profile for you to consider.  If you wish to accept the placement, then we will let the host know, and you can begin to communicate with the host family directly through email, phone, or social media messaging apps.  If you do not feel the placement is a good match for you, we would try to find you a different placement that better meets your needs.


Travel Arrangements:  Once you have your placement confirmed, you can begin to make your travel plans and purchase airline tickets.  Participants are responsible to book their own flights. You will also receive pre-departure information from our partner in your home country.  Your host family will pick you up at the nearest major airport to begin your adventure. 


Timeline:  Our target for finding you a placement is 3-6 weeks after receiving your application. It is best if you can apply at least 2 months before your preferred start date.


For more information about how to apply, please complete the contact form.