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Should I Travel Internationally Right Now?

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The world of travel has changed over the last 20 months. Deciding to travel internationally right now involves a lot of thought. There are many pros and cons to traveling abroad now and these need to be considered as we prepare to travel responsibly during these times. You can travel today, with lots of preparation.

Pros include cheaper flights, fewer tourists, and, depending on where you choose to travel the situation may be better than at home. Many countries have strict safety and health rules to keep you safe. The cons include navigating different border restrictions and health policies, if you do get sick it may be more complicated, and the situation may change suddenly, including nationwide lockdowns. Make your own list of pros and cons to consider.

You can travel internationally if you are comfortable with the risks and are prepared for the extra challenges that a trip overseas involves. Being prepared includes carefully researching the current situation of your planned host country, and…travel insurance. Do your research. Visit Covid Controls | The Covid-19 dashboard made for travelers.

Purchasing travel insurance is an essential and necessary to ensure you can travel safely and posses a plan for emergencies. Cancelled flights, lost luggage, medical emergencies, including Covid-19 and major injuries, or natural disasters, political unrest, a lost passport, or a need to suddenly return home early are all reasons to have good travel insurance. 

Get a quote. Understand your coverage and learn how to submit a claim. Review the exclusions and find out what might not be covered. Some insurance companies cover Covid-19 related claims, and some do not. Make sure you know how to contact the insurance company while you are travelling.

We suggest World Nomads as a place to start: Travel Insurance simple and flexible (

How much support will you have in the event something happens? Travel with us means that, in addition to travel insurance, you will have our support should you have an emergency. You can count on support from our office in Canada, from our partner organisation’s office in the country you are working in, and from your host family.

For additional support register with Registration of Canadians Abroad Registration of Canadians Abroad – There are also emergency consular services available at Government of Canada offices abroad – find them at Embassies and consulates –

Returning to Canada you will be required to use the ArriveCAN app (mandatory) and follow the steps for fully vaccinated travellers. Its free. Get it from the App Store or Google Play. Be aware that the presence of new variants at your destination could impact your ability to return to Canada. 

Keep up to date on the most recent rules and regulation and plan to travel as a genuine global citizen protecting yourself and others.

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