The 5 Best Reasons to Travel with International Rural Exchange Canada

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The 5 Best Reasons to Travel with International Rural Exchange Canada


1. We provide support BEFORE, DURING and AFTER travelling abroad 


  • Comprehensive emergency, travel and liability insurance
  • Visa & work permit guidance
  • Banking and tax information for the country you are travelling to
  • Departure advice including what to pack, emergency numbers, your work placement specifics and connecting with your host/employer
  • Connect you to alumni who travelled to the same country or placement to help in decision making


  • Emergency contacts
  • Banking, tax info and work permit validation
  • International partner organization will check-in on you
  • Provide you with contact info for trainees in your area


  • An invitation to become part of our alumni
  • Tax refund information
  • Opportunities to share your story with other potential travellers


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2. Paid employment abroad

Our work experience program gives you access to a variety of paid work placement opportunities. We provide information your country destination's wages, taxes and insurance. We provide info on deductions such as room and board before departure. International Rural Exchange paid placements vary in length from 3-12 months.



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3. Predeparture employer and/or host introduction

The contact information for your employer/host will be provided. Reaching out to them can give you a better sense of who they are and what to expect when you arrive. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions.



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4. We help you navigate the visa application and work permit processes

Access to application links and troubleshooting during the online visa application process will be provided. We direct you to booking information for biometric appointments. Should you require a work permit, we network directly with our partner organization to complete the application.


5. We connect you with other International Rural Exchange trainees while abroad

Some destinations provide contact information for other trainees from Canada and around the world who are in the same area as you. Several partner organizations offer trainee and social gatherings. You can interact and share experiences with others on the same journey. Another great way to make friends abroad is right at your own placement. Get to know locals and some work placements have multiple trainees working at the same farm.


Along with these 5 there are many more reasons so travel with us! For more information about us, our process, programs and placements give us a shout! Contact Us